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January 7, 2016

"This a very handy and quick recipe". Especially good after training or late on in the evening when you are getting that sugar low. 


8- 9 Servings Ingredients:


Almond Flakes

Whey Protein Powder

6 Egg whites

1 tspn of Cinnamon

1 tspn of Honey (optional)

1 tbspn of Natural Fat free yogurt (Optional)


Break your 6 egg whites into a blender, follwed by 70g of protein whey powder, 1 tablespoon of Almond flakes and throw in a Teaspoon of cinnamon. Blend all ingredients in the mixer until thick.


Get a non stick frying pan and add a light spray of coconut oil. Add in 3 tablespoons of your mixture to make one pancake or 6 to make up 2 at a time. I find any more than that and it is harder to seperate on the pan. Put Pan on medium heat and let cook until you see pancake bubble, then it is time to flip it over. 


The finishing touches, add some Natural Fat free yogurt and honey onto finished pancakes and enjoy.


All in all each pancake is about 52kcal each.



January 7, 2016

So we all struggle with getting it right especially after the festive season. We have most likely overindulged or at least left oursleves exposed to the one or three chocolate biscuits and occassional one or ten pints of Guiness. It is time to sit back now and rather ease into your diet instead of going cold turkey (excuse the pun ) and start making those changes again to a more healthier you. Set small goals ones that are achieveable, ones that you know you will be able to accomplish. So if you started back eating a biscuit with tea in the evenings, try cut that out. Fill up through out the day with good complex Carbs and healthy fats to help keep at bay those cravings. 


Try and get to bed at a reasonable hour. Do not burn the candle at both ends, getting up early and into bed late. The body's time for growth & recovery is while you are resting and recharging. Remember you break the body down in the gym or training facility and build it back up again while recovering. Give it wha...

January 6, 2016

1. Avocados: Great way to help lower your bloodpressure and they are loaded with potassium.


2. Tea: try a cup of tea and sit back somewhere you enjoy. If it is an option try green tea full of antixoidants, brilliant for the immune system and great for weight loss.


3. Spinach, Swiss Chard and other green leaft vegetables are high in magnessium and help lower the stress hormone cortissol.


4. Salmon: My favourite, is haigh in good fatty acids, omega 3 not alone is it good for the heart but also helps in reducing stress in the body.


5. Almonds: High in zinc and can boost your immune system, staving away any colds or Flus.



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Lets get back to Mother Earth

Mother Nature's Fast Food

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