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January 6, 2018

Belfast was the venue for the World Bodybuilding and Fitness Model Association’s world championship event last weekend and it was man from 300km down the road that claimed the top prize.

Speaking to Sporting Limerick, Jason says the competition truly is world event.

“The worlds competition is at the end of the year and is the one everyone is aiming for. It attracts all walks of life from different parts of the globe. All shapes, sizes and some serious athletes.”

Jason’s road to success started a while back when he set himself the goal of making the competition at the end of the year and says that a lot of hard work and attention goes into preparing for the shows.

“I set myself a challenge to do four shows back to back and in the mean time I  ended up winning a show in Drogheda (the ultimate physiques competition) which carried me across to the UK to compete for Ireland at the British Finals at in international level. What started out as four shows ended up as five.”

“You are training two to...

May 31, 2017

Dealing with Negativity

Here I am getting on with things in my own little world, setting my goals and targets for the next phase in my body transformation and then suddenly it’s interrupted by someone with a negative comment. How did I deal with it? Well like most I took it personally, it really affected me and was enough to upset my day, even my week. You see we have an image in our own minds of ourselves and of how we should be, who we should look like and about establishing ourselves on the social spectrum. It’s all about feeding that self image and pleasing others. EGO is an awful thing. In our minds we imagine what other people think of us and at how amazing we are. The reality is you will have those who are genuinely interested and and admire what you do and you will always have those unfortunately that just do not like you and form an opinion of you, eventhough they may never have actually met you. We have all been guilty of having an issue with some one just because they are eit...

May 23, 2017

You are the one who can make your dreams come through, stop waiting for someone else to do it for you.

Habit for success

In order for you to be successful at anything it takes routine, and constant repetition. It may mean you experimenting with certain formulas, to get what you want out of your day and to finally find a plan that works for you. If you want to get lean and have the body you have always wanted then it takes work. Cut the shit and stop thinking someone can do it for you and that there is a magic pill, that will give you all the results without you doing a tap. I am sorry but NO…! It is simple GET OFF YOUR ASS AND MOVE. Take responsibility, Educate yourself and take time out to make a plan for yourself. PLAN, PLAN, PLAN and PLAN……!

“We are what we repeatedly do.


When should a routine change?

Yes, you may be already training and doing lots of activities, but if you haven’t changed from what you are already doing, then the body will just adjust and you will stay in a sta...

May 22, 2017

We all know, like anything else in life, dealing with stress on a daily  basis can be more than one can handle at times. STRESS can manifest in many shapes and many forms, exams, work, personal, training and a host of others. We see it develop from the physical to mental. Dealing with this can be especially difficult if you don’t have coping strategies in place or a good support network around you to manage it. At some point or another we all go through this. It’s recognising this ugly monster is the major difficulty. It is not for the want of many subtle hints along the way, we continue on and choose to ignore it. The end result is our mental health starts to suffer. Pride can get in the way and as humans we have in place what is considered social norms. These are certain cues that we are governed by and once we step outside of these, we may be considered, weird, strange or even broken. So what happens? In your mind you are constantly fighting with these demons ‘I am fine, there’...

May 13, 2017

Have you ever tried to diet and or simply, eat well and have someone all sudden notice? When you thought no one ever noticed before what you are eating, suddenly they are very inquisitive about what you have for lunch. It can work well for you or can work against you. Why? You may ask, well let’s look at it from the positive angle, If they say ‘you’ll never stick to it’, you can set a goal that as sure as hell you are going to prove them wrong. Or on the negative side, when they smirk and say, ‘sure what are you eating that rabbit food for anyway, you know it is not practical and you won’t last on it’. You are now faced with a dilemma, a little lack of confidence because maybe you tried dieting before and it didn’t work for you. But were you in the right head space then? Are you in the right frame of mind now? You can fix this when asked are you on a new diet? By simply saying no just making a few changes and some healthier choices. It certainly will take the pressure off.

You see to mo...

May 11, 2017

So in a nutshell (excuse the pun 😊) we all have a certain food or drink we really enjoy, but why? I personally suffer these cravings regularly and have had to battle with the whole concept of what it is that is giving me these ridiculous cravings

Even though I eat regularly and a perfect mix of Macros. So, what is it that drives me to long for certain foods and turn my nose up at others?

Millions of people each year vow to lose weight. January is the usual starting point, with a new year resolution and then it’s a wedding, party and the summer holidays. How many people say I will start Monday? Why do all need a starting point, why don’t we just stop eating crap and simply start? So, While we get on with it and do get off to a good start unfortunately for most people the results are not.  On average only 8% of those who make a New Year’s resolution actually keep them. For those of us who do succeed in getting a few pounds off at the start simply Pile it back on very quickly, because we a...

March 28, 2017

After a tedious 12wks of hard dieting and training Team M4U cleaned up at the Irish Championships in Belfast. The World Bodybuilding and Fitness Model Association, hosted a fantastic event as always and on the Back of his win at the Worlds November 1st in Physique, 2nd in Athletic Physique,  Jason  won again =, this time 1st in Physique, 1st in Mens Athletic Physique, 2nd Mr Beach Body and Over All Mr.Physique Title. To Top it off Audrey Kenny won Miss Bikini and Yummy Mummy Categories. If that aint proof that what they say works nothing is. A special Thank you to Monsta Clothing Ireland who supplied the phenomenal Clothing and who were there on the day showing off their incredible range of clothing. Now available online at www.monstaclothing.ie just type in Code: M4U when you go to purchase and get yourself a discount.

 Monsta Clothing Ireland, sponsors of Team M4U, Jason & Audrey Kenny, NIFMA 2017

January 3, 2017


500g of vanilla yogurt

300g of oats

1 Medium egg

½  teaspoon of Baking Soda

3 x scoops of Vanilla flavor Protein.

2 x tbsp of raisins

100g of chocolate drops

Handfull of Walnuts

Optional Extras

1 Tbsp of Custard

1 Tbsp of Almond flakes

1 Banana

½ tsp of Vanilla essence or Almond essence


Put all your ingredients into a mixing bowl. I prefer to put in the walnuts first, then add in the Low Fat Vanilla Yogurt, followed by the oats, eggs, protein powder, Baking Powder. I always mix this up good and thick and add almond milk to the mix to increase fluidity and lighten the mix a little. It is important that you don’t have too much of a watery mix though. Finally I add in the Chocolate droppings and and raisins and once again mix it all up.

Prepare two Bread Tins with either grease proof Paper or grease the tin itself in coconut oil or 1kcal cooking spray. Put your Mix into the baking Tin and place in the oven

Bake for: 50min at 180c.

** Tip:

At about the 30-35min mark check to make sure...

January 3, 2017

Prepping for Success

Are you ready to kick off your New Years Diet? Now that you're moment arrived for a new you, it's time to get real, and have your lifestyle change to kick your new diet into action. I bet you are only anxious to get started along with millions of others across the world. That's awesome...!!!! but with all the great intentions, most of us barely last two weeks😞 What are the reasons for failing? Lets take a look;

Most go Cold Turkey, eat things they don't like, eat too much, eat too little , eat foods at the wrong time, let stress dictate your food eating process, make bad food choices, don't prepare & don't accommodate for moving more. These are but a fraction of what can present as a problem, before our diets begin. It's all about convenience to be honest. Most people get caught up in life, work, family, friends & events and it gets in the way of you minding yourself, as you put your best foot forward for everyone else. So how can we make it easier for ourselves? We...

January 1, 2017

It’s a Lifestyle Change, not a Quick Fix

Fad diets simply are Fads..!!! If you devoted only a quarter of your time to the basics and the real methods for weight loss by having a balanced plate with a solid mix of Carbs, Proteins & Fats. This also means balancing out your calories to

Match your physical output.

I remember working with a particular GAA Team and going through their nutrition for play and recovery while in season, which was effective as the output was impressive and changed many dynamics, amongst players increasing energy levels & recovery was certainly much quicker. However after a short lay off during 'off season', some continued to Eat the very same as they did while in the full Swing of competition and when I weighed them In again and did the usual health, body fat checks they had piled on weight. Of they were bewildered and mentioned that 'I stuck to my diet'. They did but unfortunately they sat around more, stayed away from the Gym and field so there caloric output cha...

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